Jahtoe Technology Canada
Jahtoe Technology Canada

Jahtoe Technology Canada

  • Located in Greater Toronto Area, Canada
  • Serving Americans, Europe, Asia, Oceania
  • Operates using English
  • Contact email alex@tech.jahtoe.com

Delivering quality bespoke solutions in:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Architecture
  • ETL
  • Web Scraping
  • DevOps
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Publishing Pipelines
  • DITA-OT Plugins
  • Text Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Secure Web Development
  • Web Interfaces
  • Database Development
  • Dynamically resizing parallel processing over any number Digital Ocean cloud servers



SEC Downloader for Daily and Historical Data

Bespoke system to download in parallel historical and daily data listed in SEC crawler.idx files and SEC current events

400 USD Licensing Fee


Security Exchange Commission Company Information Downloader

Bespoke system to download and extract company information list on SEC website.

400 USD Licensing Fee


Security and Exchange Commission Structuring Unstructured Text and HTML

Bespoke NLP codebase and processes to structure unstructured text and HTML data in formats such as 10K and 8K from the SEC.

2000 USD Licensing Fee

Jahtoe Technology Canada Upwork Agency

The agency identifies and works with developers in target markets sto deliver quality solutions at a lower cost.


Alex Muir, the CEO of Jahtoe Technology Canada has been developing solutions since 2002 utilzed by various organizations including:

Experienced in the following programming languages and frameworks:

Experienced in the following technologies:

Experienced in the following RDF Stores:

Experienced in the following API:

As a freelancer on upworks Alex has 100% job success.

Alex has helped the Jassey family in Gambia, West Africa for over a decade and has recently created a YouTube channel to share videos with sponsors whom he actively seeks. Kindly let me know if you would like to sponsor the education or educational toys of the Jassey Children.

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Product: JTCSECD

Security Exchange Commission Downloader

Historical and daily SEC data downloader that works in parallel over any number of CPU. The downloader handles missed files by downloading any missed files that were logged in the process ensuring all data is downloaded.

Product: JTCSECC

Security Exchange Commission Company Information Downloader

Bespoke system to download and extract company information list on SEC website into an XML format.


Security and Exchange Commission Structuring Unstructured Text and HTML

Bespoke NLP application that first performs a recursive descent statistical and structural analysis of the text and then apply boolean algebra machine learning techniques to structure the unstructured text data; Identifying various document features such as:

The following example is of an SEC document that has been structured as XML and then converted to a colored representation in HTML to allow for viewing the results of the structured process.

A mouse over hover feature has been added to the HTML in order to see what document feature has been identified.

Screen Shot of Royal Bank SEC Structured File

Screen Shot of Royal Bank SEC Structured File

Once the data has been structured into an XML format, data can be queried and extracted with targetted precision.

Capability: Publishing Pipelines

DITA-OT plugin development

With an expertise in XSLT, Jahtoe Technology creates bespoke DITA-OT plugins resulting in elegant PDF documents.

Screen Shot of Dita OT PDF Screen Shot of Dita OT PDF

Capability: Software and Data Engineering

AWS Redshift with Java Spring Boot

AWS CLI is used to automatically create a Stack with Cloudformation. Java Spring boot automatically creates redshift database tables, populates data and executes processes to warehouse data in parallel. AWS CLI Cloudformation is used to automatically delete the Stack.

Screen Shot of Aws Redshift Spring Boot

Visio Diagram of AWS Redshift to Business Intelligence Process.

Capability: Publishing Pipelines

XSD configured XFORM for direct XML input

XSD is used to configure automatically generated XFORM interfaces, representing ontologies, that allow for text inputs to be stored directly into an Exist XML database. The XML data is then queried using XQuery to generate outputs including PDF and HTML with XSLT.

Capability: Publishing Pipelines

GitLab CI/CD markdown to HTML automated pipelines

GitLab CI/CD publishing pipelines that clean, adjust and convert git markdown inputs into HTML outputs using bespoke java applications, pandoc and jekyll. Docker is used for rapid building, testing and to allow easy building outside of the gitlab environment.

Visio Diagram of MD to HTML Process

Visio Diagram of MD to HTML Process

Capability: Software and Data Engineering

Java Spring Boot Applications

Rapidly developed database applications using Java Spring Boot.

Capability: Data Engineering

Security Exchange Commission XML to CSV

Automated ETL historical and daily SEC 13F XML data download into Exist XML database. XQuery with XSLT is used to generate products from LAMP website interface such as CSV output.

Capability: Software Engineering

JSF 2 Primeface with Clustered MarkLogic

JSF 2 Primefaces interface that interacts with clustered Marklogic db.

Capability: Devops Programming

API based Cloud Server Creation and Destruction

Java application using the DigitalOcean API to create and destroy cloud servers as desired. Process are automatically launched to perform an action and destroyed on completion. All actions are logged in the database for debugging purposes.

Capability: Devops Programming

Automated VMware Workstation Creation Destruction

Java application that interacts with VMware Workstation vmrun to enable automatic creation and destruction of Virtual Machines.

Capability: Devops Programming

Automated firewalled Linux VPN connections

Ansible script to automatically create a VPN connection between a local linux server and digital ocean cloud server. Firewall IPTables are automatically configured to ensure no traffic is permitted if the VPN connection drops.

Capability: Publishing Pipelines

Jenkins CI RDF Triple Store data to PDF/HTML using XProc/XSLT in Docker

Docker scripts running on AWS EC2 towards extracting triple stores data with a Jenkins CI setup executing an XProc/XSLT document publishing pipeline. Stardog, Jena and Blazegraph where evaluated within this process.

Capability: Semantic Web

Capability: Machine Learning

Rough Set Data Analaysis Using Binary Decision Diagrams

Publication in Revista Real Academia de Ciencias.

A new Rough Set Data Analysis information system representation, which inherently represents indiscernibility using Binary Decision Diagram. Developed bespoke algorithms in C that converted CSV data into a binary decision tree that represented the similarity and differences of the data in a smaller file size than the CSV. Determined reducts in the data sets.